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Aloro Pet Clinic StaffXochitl (Sochi), Office Manager

Sochi has been part of the Aloro Pet Clinic team "from the beginning" since June 1990. As our office manager, she is responsible for managing our receptionists and technicians and communicating with clients. She has a degree in accounting from Univa Guadalajara in Mexico.

"We are a great team," she says. "We have a wonderful group of clients. We are more like a family than coworkers."

Sochi has a Maltipoo named Finn. She spends her time outside work chauffeuring her daughter Sara, at church, shopping or spending time with her family.

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Aloro Pet Clinic StaffPlum, Receptionist

As our receptionist, Plum's duties include answering phones, checking patients in and out, scheduling appointments, and maintaining patient records. She excels is in her ability to put pet parents at ease in times of stress and confusion. Plum has been bringing her 24/7 smile to Aloro Pet Clinic since March 2008.

When not at work, Plum spends her time caring for her two young children. She also has three "fat and lazy" Lhasa Apsos: Sourdough, Tofu and Soysauce.

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Aloro Pet Clinic StaffKrystal, Receptionist

Krystal is a receptionist and her goal every day is to make people happy. Along with spreading joy, her responsibilities include answering the phones, scheduling appointments, invoicing and estimates and preparing medication. She is majoring in criminal justice with a minor in art and biology at California State University, Northridge. She has been working at Aloro Pet Clinic since July 2008.

Krystal has two dogs: a Chihuahua named Tequila and a Pomeranian named Toby. In her free time she enjoys exercising, soccer, art, hiking and reading.

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Aloro Pet Clinic StaffGeoff, Veterinary Technician

Geoff has been a caring, diligent veterinary technician with Aloro Pet Clinic since May 2006 and has been working in the animal care field for almost 25 years. As a veterinary technician, Geoff assists our doctors in all aspects of patient care.

Geoff has two Labradors: Brittany and Sean. In his free time he enjoys golf, airsoft and surfing the Web.

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Aloro Pet Clinic StaffJancarlo, Veterinary Technician

Jancarlo joined our Aloro Pet Clinic team in January 2004. As a veterinary technician, his duties include assisting our doctors with all aspects of patient care, treatment and surgery. He has a medical assistant degree from UEI College. Jancarlo says he especially appreciates the compassion, honesty and advanced medical care the hospital offers its clients and patients.

In his free time, he enjoys working with his hands, cars and technology. Jancarlo has three Chihuahuas: Rex, Cammy and Roxy.

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Aloro Pet Clinic StaffEdwin, Veterinary Technician

As a veterinary technician with Aloro Pet Clinic since June 2009, Edwin assists our doctors during examinations, treatments and surgery. He earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from De La Salle Araneta University in Manila, Philippines. Edwin finds taking care of hospitalized patients and building relationships with our clients to be the most rewarding aspects of his job.

Outside work, he enjoys watching TV and cooking.

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